IFT Notes for the CFA® Exam

Prepare for the Level I, II or III exam with IFT's Study Notes. These closely follow the CFA® Program curriculum and emphasize the most important points from each reading. Examples and practice questions are included which are critical to test your understanding and help you prepare for the exam questions.

What will you get?


- PDF file to view online or download/print

Practice Questions:

- Level I: You will get the Question bank which as over 3,000 exam like questions.
- Level II: You will get the IFT Q-bank for each reading with solutions.
- Level III: You will get the IFT Quizzes for each Study Session with solutions.


Level I : Notes and Question Bank $199 

Level II : Notes and Question Bank $199 

Level III : Notes and Quizzes  $199

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For samples of the material please visit the appropriate link below:
Level I samples
Level II samples
Level III samples

Note : Study notes are distributed in PDF format, not hard copy. All materials are downloadable.  If you would like to see any other sample Readings for the Notes, just contact our support team who will happy to assist you.