Pre-purchase Questions
  • Why should I purchase your video lectures?

    IFT video lectures are based on the CFA® Program curriculum. They are designed to help you understand the most important concepts and prepare you to solve examples and practice problem from the curriculum. The curriculum questions cover the most testable concepts and hence should be taken very seriously. Students who diligently listen to these lectures and follow our advice (Practice, Practice, Practice) have a very high chance of passing. The video lectures will help you save time, and they are downloadable and you can listen to them as often as you want. You can also sign up for a free trial before deciding to purchase. With the Premium Package you also have an option to ask questions.

  • Are the video lectures available for all three levels?

    Yes, they are available for all three levels.

  • What are the packages you offer?.

  • At the moment IFT provides different packages for respective CFA® Levels. Please follow the links below:

    June Level I

    December Level I

    Level II

    Level III 

  • If I purchase a package while some of the videos are in the process of being updated, will I get access to the updated versions once they are completed?

    Yes. If you purchase a package for a particular exam, such as June level II, you will get access to all the videos uploaded related to that specific exam. Updated videos will be accessible as and when they are uploaded.

  • Once I purchase, will I be able to view the videos online only or will I be able to download them?

    Through our IFT Learning Portal you will be able to watch videos and read all content online or download them.

  • Which package should I purchase?

    Only you can determine how much assistance you would need in order to firmly grasp the concepts that are at the core of the CFA® program. For many, studying the video lectures along with the slides is enough. However, one must remember that the more you practice the better your chances of clearing the exam.

  • How do I purchase the package?

    You must visit the ‘View packages’ page for whichever level you are attempting. The ‘order now’ link can be found in the drop down menu in the Level I, II and III tabs at the top of the home page. You will be asked for your payment details.

  • I can’t make an online payment, what do I do?

    If you have a problem making a payment please try the alternative payments page below.  However you must follow the directions carefully.

    Alternative Payment Page

    If you still have a problem then contact our support team so they can assist you : Help Desk

    If you don't have a paypal or debit/credit card which works online then don't worry you can always pay us via money transfers.

    Be sure to check with our team before sending money by the below methods:

    Western Union: Arif Irfanullah ID Card Number: 42301-4649285-3 Phase 4, Defence, Karachi, Pakistan

    US dollar wire transfers:

    Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    Address: 420 Montgomery, San Francisco, CA, 94104, USA
    Beneficiary Name : IFT
    Account no. : 317 758 3568
    Routing no. (RTN/ABA) : 121 000 248
    SWIFT code (BIC) : WFBI US6S (For International Transfers)

  • What is the discount on retake and how does it work?

    The “Discount-on-retake” applies to those students who were studying with us and yet did not manage to clear the exam. . In order to avail the discount you have to email us (Proof of unsuccessful attempt and next session's registration) then make the discounted payment via Paypal, western union or a bank transfer. We will then give you the access.

  • Are there any other discounts?

    IFT provides discount on need basis to CFA candidates who have received CFA Scholarship by CFAI. Please note, If you wish to receive discount it is mandatory for the candidate to give evidence pertaining to the CFA Scholarship. Please contact our Help Desk for further details.

  • I cannot purchase your videos; do you have any alternatives for me?

    IFT products are reasonably priced.  However if you want to explore more of our free content please visit our YouTube channel and also these links for "Free Videos" menu on our website  

Post-Purchase questions
  • I have purchased your video lectures package, what are the next steps?

    If you have made the payment via our website you should immediately receive an automated email containing your log-in credentials. You can use that ID to log-in, change your password, and access the material you have purchased. If you have made the payment via some other method, you will need to send us an email containing your payment receipt and we will create an account for you on the website, following which you will receive the automated email (refer to 1st paragraph).

  • I’ve paid but I cannot access the material! What should I do?

    As long as you received the log-in credentials you should be able to log in and access the material. Please make sure that your proxy softwares are deactivated/ uninstalled as you try to stream the videos. Also make sure your firewalls are not blocking the content. Other than the above, there can be a variety of reasons for the lack of access for example, an antivirus you have installed etc. Our videos are in mp4 format and are generally compatible with all types of players and devices (mobile/desktop). On the learning portal, the videos are streamed or you can download them. For downloaded videos we would recommend using the VLC player for best performance.

  • I have purchased one topic and would like to purchase another. What should I do?

    In order to purchase more topics, you need to log in from your current User ID and then go to the order now page for that particular level. If you do not log-in before purchasing you may get the error message that the email address is already in use.

  • I have purchased one topic but now would like to upgrade to another package. What should I do?

    In most cases, you can purchase the  package by paying only the difference.  Please visit the Help Desk.

  • I am a premium user, how do I ask questions?

    Please visit this link on our new Help Desk portal:  https://ift.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/13000007206

  • Till when will I have access to the videos?

    Your access to our videos will be automatically terminated once the exam date has passed. However, we have given you downloadable access on LearnRev, so if you would like to retain the videos please be sure to download them to your computer BEFORE your access is terminated.


  • Can I get a refund for some reason?

    Please visit this link on our new Help Desk portal: https://ift.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/13000003092-ift-refund-policy

General questions
  • Can I listen to the videos on my iPad or iPhone? What media player do you recommend?

    The videos work on all platforms which support mp4 format. This includes iPad and iPhone. We recommend the VLC player for best performance.

  • How much study is enough?

    You need between 200 and 500 hours of study depending on your academic level and background. Try to start your studies at least 6 months before the exam and spend 2-3 hours per day. After doing a reading you should remember the important formulas and should be able to do the problems in the curriculum.

  • How should I schedule my studies?

    Your goal should be to finish the course 4 weeks before the exam. This way the last 4 weeks can be spent on revision and practice. The amount of time you spend on each topic should depend on relative weightage of the topic and your prior knowledge about that topic. You can also email us at support@irfanullah.co and request access to our prep-schedule and keep pace with that.

  • How should I study for Ethics?

    At Level I Ethics represents 15% of the exam and hence should be taken very seriously. It is suggested you read the curriculum for this topic. If reading the curriculum is just too difficult for you, one shortcut is to listen to our lectures. After listening to the lecture for a given standard, carefully read the ‘Application of the Standard’ section in the curriculum which is given after every sub-standard. Here you’ll find many good examples. Carefully going though these examples is perhaps the best way to prepare for the Ethics segment on the exam.

  • Where should I practice from?

    Curriculum questions are the best practice. The CFA Program Mock and Sample exams are also excellent practice. You should certainly do these exams for your year. If you have CFA Program Mocks and Samples from previous years, they are good practice too. However, you need to be careful about learning objectives which might have changed over the years. In general if you have time after doing all the CFA Program questions, it is best to get your questions from a range of sources. If you are studying the notes of prep provider A, then do the questions from providers B and C. This will give you a better perspective.

  • How do the individual Skype tutorials work?

    Once you purchase the individual tutorials package we will put you in touch with an IFT instructor who will then coordinate with you and figure out a time which is mutually convenient. Payments must be made on a per hour basis.

  • Do you provide questions?

    We use examples and practice problems from the curriculum to explain important concepts. If you purchase the premium package we also provide a quiz with each topic.

  • Can I pass the exam by simply listening to your video lectures?

    In addition to listening to the video lectures you must practice as much as possible. The best place to practice is the curriculum. Do the examples and practice problems at least three times before the actual exam. If you have done all the problems from the curriculum and feel you need more practice then you can rely on prep provider questions. . In the last 4-5 weeks you should focus on CFA Program Mock and Sample exams.

  • What is the difference between the free CFA® Level I videos on YouTube and the videos which Irfanullah Financial Training sells?

    The free videos on youtube are from 2011. Our current videos reflect the changes in the CFA® program curriculum since then. The youtube videos are also heavily focused on core concepts while our new video lectures focus on building those core concepts with examples and application.

  • Is there any pre-reading of the curriculum I need to finish before enrolling for your lectures?

    There is no specified pre-reading that you need to complete. However, we would advise you to study the curriculum alongside using our video lectures.

  • I would like to write a testimonial for IFT?

    Please follow the link:   

  • What is Priority Support?

    Priority support means, were there to help you out as quick as possible. This help is typically related to any general information you might need or if you are having access issues with your account. Please keep in mind this is not related to asking academic questions.  

Free-Trial questions
  • How do I subscribe for the free trial?

    Hover your mouse over the different Levels offered on the home page and click ‘Sign up for free trial’ from the drop-down menu. You must then create a profile for yourself and you will automatically get access for 7 days.

  • I can’t subscribe for the free trial, what should I do?

    You can always email us at support@irfanullah.co with the details of your specific issue. We would request that you do not create multiple IDs to sign onto the free trial multiple times as this could create problems for you and for other users.

  • I signed up for a free trial but cannot access all the videos?

    A selection of the videos are accessible to our free trial users for limited time period of 7 days. If you cannot view a certain video the reason is probably because it is not included in the free trial.


  • My free trial has expired, now what?

    The free trial is only extended to give you an idea about our product. Once you have seen some of the videos for yourself it is time for you to decide whether you wish you purchase our package or not.