Crash Course for December 2014 Level I

The Crash Course is a popular offering from IFT and in June 2014 it was very successful with several hundred customers. Here is what one of our customers wrote:

I found the Quantitative Crash Course Videos for Level II to be indispensable for my study process. I was banging my head against the wall trying to understand the material through other study courses and a thorough viewing of the Quant Crash Course really reinforced all the concepts I was struggling with and put everything into perspective for me.

Neth Wiedemann - Dallas, TX

What you will get in the Crash Course:

  1. Downloadable Summary videos of each reading (Approx 13 hours in total,  please see note 1 below)
  2. Slides of the above summary videos (also downloadable and printable)
  3. Over 1000 practice questions grouped by reading (see note 2)
  4. 3-4 Practice Quizzes for each topic  (see note 3)
  5. Send in your questions to Arif Irfanullah on CFA curriculum or any IFT materials  (see note 4)
  6. QnA-Videos: Video of the solutions to the questions asked by you and others
  7. Solved Curriculum example videos
  8. Formula sheet videos and slides for all topics

Notes:  (1) These videos are also being released on YouTube with some modifications for free distribution  (2) These questions were already distributed with the Dec 2014 Basic Plus package  (3) The 1st quiz was part of the Dec 2014 Basic Plus package (4) Questions from other exam prep providers will not be entertained


The Crash course will be available for sale from 18th October

$75    for existing Dec 2014 “Basic Plus” customers   (Premium customers – please contact us)

$125  for all others  (anyone not registered with IFT and 2014 Basic package customers)


Crash Course schedule

Please see the below course calendar:

Level I Topic Extra Quizzes release date: Submit your topic question by: QnA Videos available by:
Econ 28-Oct 31-Oct 02-Nov
Quant 01-Nov 04-Nov 06-Nov
Ethics 04-Nov 07-Nov 09-Nov
FRA 08-Nov 11-Nov 13-Nov
PM 11-Nov 14-Nov 16-Nov
CF 15-Nov 18-Nov 20-Nov
Equity 18-Nov 21-Nov 23-Nov
FIS 22-Nov 25-Nov 27-Nov
Der+Alt 25-Nov 28-Nov 30-Nov


Note:  For all topics, the summary videos, 1st quiz and curriculum examples will be available before 28th October.

If you have any questions send our support team an email.