• Q&A with Arif Irfanullah

    Q&A with Arif Irfanullah

Welcome to Irfanullah Financial Training

IFT is a leading CFA® exam preparatory institute providing online video lectures and in-classroom instruction. Since 2011, we have successfully prepared hundreds of students for three levels of CFA exam.

Our video lectures and associated slides are based on the CFA Program curriculum.  We help CFA candidates develop a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts.  Our students are encouraged to employ an active learning approach by working though examples and practice problems presented in the CFA Program curriculum. Read about Arif Irfanullah.

Your testimonials!

  • I passed Level 1 exam solely after going through your set of lectures. The style of teaching is wonderful and the thurst is on clearing core concepts. I also used his lectures for L2 examination and without doubt they are the best in the market. Arif’s unique pedagogical skills makes you feel that you are present in the classroom. He was very receptive and keen to address my problems whenever i had any. I have heard many lectures from other instructors but after listening to Arif I feel he is the only one who gives you value for money.

    Jai Kishen - Delhi

  • When I registered for my CFA Level 1 and got the books designed by the CFA  Institute I was overwhelmed with the course content. The level of details the Curriculm goes through is just staggering. I thought I could never complete the course in time, let alone pass. Close to about a month before the actual exam a friend reffered me to the videos presented by IFT.  Although the videos seemed long at first, I was amazed how quickly I completed a chapter as compared to self-study. The best part? We never skipped a learning objective. I highly reccomend these videos to anyone sitting for the exam, especially students who are working full-time. Time is a precious resource, and the IFT videos make the most of it!

    Ali Ahmed - Karachi

  • I flung myself into the Level I Curriculum full of hope and with the enthusiasm of the beginner. One month into my study I became discouraged by the lack of progress and the realization that, in spite of putting in a lot of time and effort, I could not make head or tail of many topics. I was stuck.I consider myself very lucky to have hit upon www.irfanullah.co at that point in my exam preparation.As soon as I launched the first video on FRA I knew I was at a turning point: as Arif went through the reading I could see the concepts unfolding before my eyes.Notions that up to that point had been obscure and confused became accessible and easy to grasp. More importantly it seemed as though Arif knew exactly what words to use, what examples to give, how to build my confidence and, with that, my understanding of each Study Session.From that moment on, thanks to the videos and the hand-outs, I found myself enjoying the curriculum once again, I was able to learn at a healthy pace and eventually I passed the CFA Level I exam at the first attempt. I am deeply grateful to Arif and his excellent Team for their support.

    Teaching well is an art. Trust www.irfanullah.co to help you achieving your goal.

    Carlo Pagni - England

  • I found the Quantitative Crash Course Videos for Level II to be indispensable for my study process. I was banging my head against the wall trying to understand the material through other study courses and a thorough viewing of the Quant Crash Course really reinforced all the concepts I was struggling with and put everything into perspective for me.

    Neth Wiedemann - Dallas, TX

  • Mr. Irfanullah,I just wanted to send you a quick message that I very much appreciated your video lectures, including your crash course which I did in May.   I took the Level 1 exam today, and don’t know if I passed yet of course,  but there was more than one occasion when I could hear your voice in my head reminding me on certain concepts!I am a full time IT consultant, and have decided to pursue my passion of equity analysis, and the CFA program is the first step I’m taking towards a career switch.  Needless to say I currently work more than 40 hours a week in my non-Finance job, have a 3 year old busy little girl at home,  and spend about 2 hours a day in the car commuting.   Putting it all together and I don’t have the traditional time available to study like I did back in my full time student days.  So being able to listen to you “on the go” wherever i was at the moment has been extremely valuable for my preparation over the past months and it definitely got me on the right track.    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your course to any other perspective candidates.

    Matthew Dow - Utrecht, The Netherlands

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